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[ (╥﹏╥) Currently unavailable due to technical issues (╥﹏╥) ]

Rain In The Underground is an arcade minigame where you kill the most enemies to beat the highscore. Shoot and survive, beat your records and become a master!

This game has been developed using construct 3, for the collaboration jam with newgrounds.

[ Instructions - Change Nickname or Seed]
To change nickname, hover "Guest", and press backspace until you have enough space to write you nickname, 5 characters is the max lenght. To change the seed repeat the same process by hovering the neon sign on main menù.

Art by Aetherrevival : http://aetherrevival.deviantart.com/
Music by Sorav : http://sorav.newgrounds.com/
Coded by Pokka : https://www.scirra.com/users/mitsuhashish